Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood

Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood


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    Winner of ‘Book of the Year’ at Food and Travel Magazine Reader Awards 2013

    Take Nathan home with this essential fish cookery book for your kitchen. In Modern British Seafood Nathan shares the secrets of his unique approach and provides a tempting collection of original recipes. Beginning with a guide to sourcing and buying, followed by a step-by-step guide to preparing all types of fish and shellfish, he then explains cooking techniques, showing how to pan-fry, grill, bake, steam, barbecue and deep-fry fish to perfection.

    The core of the book is divided into the four main groups: flat, round, oily and shell fish, and within this structure 30 fish are dealt with individually. The descriptive text for each tells you the optimum size to buy and eat, the best cooking methods and which herbs, seasonings and sauces go with each fish, allowing you to create a dish quickly and simply. For each fish, Nathan gives 2 to 3 recipes, ranging from everyday convenient dishes he cooks at home, through recipes for leisurely lunches or dinners with family or friends, to signature dishes from his restaurant – the sort you might cook for a dinner party.

    A wonderfully useful section at the back of the book breaks down the potentially daunting task of filleting fish from whole, meaning you can buy them in fresh from the fishmonger and prepare them yourself with confidence through Nathan’s step-by-step guide.

    In all there are over 100 recipes for you to replicate at home. Photographed on location in Cornwall, Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood takes you to the seaside for your dinner.

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