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Stephi Little
Band of Outlaw’s


This month we caught up with Stephi. We asked her those ten questions…


1 – What do you do?
Maître d’hôtel at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw. Making guests feel welcome.

2 – How long have you been an Outlaw for?
Coming up to 13 years.

3 – What do you do in your spare time?
Restore furniture, build shepherds huts and live the Cornish dream – surfing, camping, paddle boarding.

4 – Can you remember your first day?
yes, I was asked to help out just for a week.

5 – Tell us the best dish you have ever eaten (either at Nathan Outlaw or anywhere else)?
Cured Seabass, with fennel and ginger dressing, freshly caught by one of our chefs, Jim.

6 – What is your favourite drink?
Syrah from Hawksbay De La Terre.

7 – What music do you like and who is your favourite artist?
Sting and Carmina Borana.

8 – Who would you invite to dinner?
My late nan, she never managed to visit us in Cornwall.

9 – What’s your favourite ingredient?
Tomatoes, which I am not allowed to eat anymore!

10 – If you could eat anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Damon’s braai on a beach.

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“We want to bring you closer to the people who are our unsung heros. Without them, my food would not be the same.”

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