We are very proud to share with you our new look Grub Club.

Outlaw’s Grub Club provides a place for you to connect with Nathan, discover and explore new ideas and have exclusive access to original content and exceptional experiences.

As Grub Club members you will have the opportunity to be part of something very special, where good food and drink is at the heart of any great celebration.

We will be regularly posting exclusive events, workshops, recipes and news and only Grub Club members will have access to this privileged information.

Finally, we will only contact you via email, so read our monthly newsletters and e-alerts, as they will have new information of interest linking you to updates on the membership site.

Take a look at our Grub Club promotional video to whet your appetite!

We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think of the new site, and any ideas you have for future events or recipes. To get in touch simply click “MY ACCOUNT” on the navigation menu at the top, followed by “CONTACT US.”