Chris Weston is a Hatchery Technician at the National Lobster Hatchery and is part of the team who look after the lobsters throughout the whole hatchery process, from fisherman to release. The team also maintain and enhance the hatchery seawater systems to help provide the best possible environment for the lobsters while they are in the hatchery.

Chris also coordinates the hatchery’s volunteering programme. As a small charity volunteers are essential to the work they do.

Asked why Chris does this for a living he says:

Healthy seas and oceans are vital to the survival of so many species, including ourselves, but are also an important resource to us as well. I like to think my job plays a small role in helping us use the seas in a sustainable way.

Lobster vs Lasagne?
What some of us might find surprising, but then perhaps not considering his job, is that Chris has never eaten lobster. He would much rather eat a lasagne, but it has to have a chilli fiery kick. What he won’t eat with it is mayonnaise, Chris is not a fan of the cool and creamy condiment.

When not working, Chris is normally either found in or near the sea. An original ‘aqua man’, he loves to surf, free dive or simply walk the coastal path.

However, when asked to pick a Star Wars character that most represented his personality, he felt he was more like a young Obi-Wan Kenobi. Focused on a task and always finding a way to get stuff done, though he admits he is not quite a Jedi master yet!

If Chris could invite four people to dinner his guests would be Sir David Attenborough, Bob Dylan, Brian Cox and Rachael Carson. A great mix of environmentalism and physics with a rock and roll twist.

Finally, we asked Chris what advice would he give to his younger self:

Do what you enjoy and stick at it!

Thanks, Chris.

 To find out more about the National Lobster Hatchery, their work and how you can support them, click HERE.