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Chris Prindl

“It’s like seeing my art on someone else’s art and it all works together as one big story for where we are in Cornwall”.

Chris Prindl has been making pots, plates, teapots, cups and saucers for Restaurant Nathan Outlaw since 2011. A potter for the past thirty years and working from his pottery at Trebyan Forge near Lanhydrock for the past twenty years, Chris says that throwing pots ‘is still a magical thing to do’.

All of Chris’ pieces are made to be functional as well as beautiful. Visiting Restaurant Nathan Outlaw about twice a year, Chris and Nathan work backwards, from cheese to dessert to mains to tea and coffee, looking at shapes, glazes and colours, it is a practical process with an incredible amount of work going into every detail.

There is immense respect between the potter and the chef, a deep understanding of how difficult it is to create something so unique and special. Every piece is completely bespoke.

“I have nothing but respect for this process. It inspires me to see my food on his plates” says Nathan.

Take four minutes to watch this exceptional film.

Cuttle Fish Master_Tint_Crop


“We want to bring you closer to the people who are our unsung heros. Without them, my food would not be the same.”

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