Featured Wine – Sparkling Koshu 2015, Lumiere

We discovered Lumiere winery in 2014 whilst exploring the vineyards of the Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.  The prefecture is located in the foothills of Mount Fuji. Lumiere was established and has been family owned since 1885. The wines produced here are made from Koshu grapes grown on fertile volcanic soils.  They express an impressive mineral quality which is complementary, having a somewhat ‘mirror effect’, to the most delicate seafood dishes, especially the raw/cured ones.

This sparkling wine is made exclusively from Koshu grapes and made using the traditional Champagne Method.  It benefits from 12 months aging on the lees, riddled by hand and disgorged with zero sugar added.  The wine is absolutely pure and clean with a likeness to volcanic spring water which evolves alongside our raw and cured dishes into a complex wine with a mineral depth and flavours of apple blossom.

Damon Little – Restaurant Nathan Outlaw


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