Band of Outlaw’s – Alex Murtagh

This month we caught up with our boy from Birmingham, Alex. We asked him those ten questions…

1 – What do you do?
Chef de partie at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, I assist Nathan and Jim (sous chef) with the general running of the kitchen.

2 – How long have you been an Outlaw for?
January will be my 4th year.

3 – What do you do in your spare time?
I listen to music, watch movies, hang out with friends, eat and play pool.

4 – Can you remember your first day?
First day, it wasn’t long after coming for a weeks stage from Outlaws at the Capital. It was a Tuesday, which was a prep day back then. There were lots of stocks and sauces to be made, things like that. Think I made donuts with Jim too.

5 – Tell us the best dish you have ever eaten (either at Nathan Outlaw or anywhere else)?
Best thing I’ve ever eaten, hard one. Cocido de carne (beef stew) at Pinotxo tapas bar in La Boqueria market, Barcelona a few years back. Do love Mum’s roast though.

6 – What is your favourite drink?
A double espresso or San Pellegrino sparkling water.

7 – What music do you like and who is your favourite artist?
I like everything, at the moment people like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix. The Smiths are probably my favourite band.

8 – Who would you invite to dinner?
Mike Tyson or Morrissey.

9 – What’s your favourite ingredient?
I have loads, do like onions.

10 – If you could eat anywhere in the world, where would it be?
San Sebastián


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