This month we caught up with Josh. We asked him those ten questions…

1 – What do you do?
Currently front of house at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw and Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen. I actually started as an apprentice chef with the team in London, and then moved to the kitchen at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in 2016 before stepping out front.

2 – How long have you been an Outlaw for?
5 years.

3 – What do you do in your spare time?
Walking the Cornish coast, surfing, swimming, playing card/board games.

4 – Can you remember your first day?
Yeah…ish. I was just 17 and didn’t know what to expect. I was very timid and nervous

5 – Tell us the best dish you have ever eaten (either at Nathan Outlaw or anywhere else)?
Definitely the barbecue sardines and tuna I had in January while in Imsouane, Morocco. Fish, bread, tomato salad, sunshine and surfboards!

6 – What is your favourite drink?
The best drink I’ve ever had was a cocktail whilst in Prague. I was recommended to go to the Hemmingway Bar and try the ‘Green Park’ cocktail. The problem is I can’t remember what was in it. I might have to go back.

7 – What music do you like and who is your favourite artist?
It’s always changing, back and forth over the years and decades. At the moment i like ‘Sunflower’ by Swate Lee and Post Malone.

8 – Who would you invite to dinner?
The voiceover guy from Come dine with me.

9 – What’s your favourite ingredient?
Eggs, scrambled, but also mayonnaise, custard and cake (if that counts?).

10 – If you could eat anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Maybe Argentina. I really want to travel to South America. I hear they have great wine, great steak, and great ice cream!