This month The Mariners is celebrating a new addition to its already exciting beer list – La Trappe Blond (6.5%).

About La Trappe Trappist, De Koningshoeven Brewery, Belgium

Brewing dates back to 1884 when the Trappists needed a source of income to support themselves and fulfil their charity duties – deciding to brew beer. To this very day, the La Trappe family of beers are brewed according to the rules of the Trappist within the walls of the abbey. The brewery is one of the few Trappist breweries in the world authorised to use the Authentic Trappist Product logo. Ale can only be called Trappist ale when it has been brewed between the four walls of a Trappist monastery, under the supervision of the monastery monks, and when part of the proceeds is earmarked for charity.

About La Trappe Blond

A gold yellow beer with a white head. Fruity and refreshing aromas go well with the sweet aroma of malt and spice, and the taste is subtly sweet and sour with a soft bitterness. An incredibly well balanced beer with a delicate use of hops.

Menu pairing

Mushroom soup, pickled mushrooms and sage. Come along and try!