Crispy Oysters are a great way of introducing first timers to oysters, especially kids. It is normally the texture of oysters that puts people off, but when coated in breadcrumbs and fried you are left with a crispy outside and the beautiful flavour of the oyster inside. They are great served as a canapé or as a little starter.


8 x medium farmed oysters
200g plain flour
2 eggs for egg wash
300g breadcrumbs


​First you need to shuck the oysters. Why not ask your fishmonger to show you how? Hold the oyster in a cloth, and insert an oyster knife into the back of the oyster at the hinge. You will need to wiggle the knife a little, and once the knife is about an inch in, use it as a lever to pop open the oyster. Run the knife along the inside of the shell and release the oyster, drain the oysters of the liquid and pat dry with some kitchen towel.

Roll the oysters in the flour, then egg wash, followed by the breadcrumbs. Ensure the oyster is completely coated in the breadcrumbs. The oysters are now ready to cook. Shallow fry the oysters in some hot oil in a deep frying pan until golden brown and crispy on the outside. Drain the oysters, and serve with some mayonnaise and a wedge of lemon.