Beetroot cured salmon is a take on the Scandinavian gravadlax. In this recipe you cure the salmon fillets for 30 hours in a beetroot cure resulting in a purple hue surrounding the salmon and a deep salmon pink in the middle. The flavour of beetroot is subtle, but balances beautifully against the richness of the salmon. It is great when served as a little starter with a horseradish cream and treacle bread, as we do in the restaurants, or even as a tasty canapé. Perfect for entertaining guests over the festive period. Once made the salmon keeps refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.


1 Side of Salmon – Filleted and pin boned

For the cure

4 medium raw beetroot, peeled and quartered
250g coarse sea salt
500g caster sugar
25ml honey
10g fennel seeds
½ bunch tarragon


Place all of the ingredients for the cure in to a food processor and blitz until you have a coarse beetroot paste. Place half the mix into the bottom of a container large enough to hold the salmon. Place the salmon on top of the mix and cover with the remaining cure.

Tip: You may need to cut the salmon fillet in half to fit it into two smaller containers.

Leave the salmon to cure for 30 hours in the fridge, turning the fillet over once half way through.

After 30 hours, remove the salmon from the cure and wash the cure off the salmon under cold running water. Pat the salmon dry with some kitchen towel and leave out for 10 minutes to dry off.

The salmon is now ready to eat! Simply slice thinly or cut into small dices, and serve with a wedge of lemon and rye bread.